I’m sorry I laughed as hard as I did at this.
It was meant for laughing at! Laughter was deliberately invoked.

Scotto & The Cruel Boner of Errant Mystery Perfume


One of the girls at work spritzed me with some girl scented thing and now I smell like girl and I would like there to be a girl here


I could have gone out tonight. There’s a bar where a girl I know is apparently participating in a performance. I worked til 9:30. Tomorrow morning I work at 10. It’s not totally unworkable, but it leaves a very small window to get to the bar, have a good time, and come home. Getting smaller by the moment as I type this, basically gone.

I don’t feel super great. I did some writing and while it wasn’t terrible, the story still feels not quite like what it needs to be. A little unstructured, a little loose, certainly very weird. Maybe not totally fit for public consumption. But still pretty much what I had in my head, which is nice. If I did opt to burn it down, the idea would be to impose some more conventional structure on it. A second draft might have the same effect anyway. It could help.

If this is me, attempting to build my future, I’m not sure it’s ready yet.

Productivity feels good, self-doubt doesn’t.

In any case, she told me she might be out again tomorrow, and that might be better. I might be more up for it then, for now I’m too pensive to want to enjoy myself. Better to spend a quiet night in with a blinking cursor, perhaps.


Melancholy Chapter 32

What, seriously? Seriously? Yes. Finally, after ten months or so. Ugh, I’m so mad at myself. Should’ve been done by now. Thankfully I’ve so far resisted the temptation to burn the whole thing down.

Previous chapters are here, but the short version is: after running away from home to find her missing brother, Mel encountered a psychic(-ish) private investigator named Jim Pearl and his companion, a nightclub singer named Ivana. They agreed to take her to New Rhodes City (aka fantasy New York) where her brother is apparently working for the mysterious Sage Industries. In the most recent chapter, they’ve saved the small town of Silent Cove, temporarily, from mass deafness, in time for Ivana’s performance there. And now this. 

Melancholy Chapter 32: Colossus of Rhodes

"Let us never speak of that again," Jim said to Mel as he turned the ignition to his Mustang.

She smirked, “Are you being funny?”

"Kind of, yeah," Jim said.

Thunder roared in concert with the engine as Ivana emerged from the stage door as rain began to fall. She held a program over her head to shield herself.

"Of all the indignities," she grumbled, shooing Mel into the backseat, "I had to pay for the program even though my face is on it."

"To be fair," Mel said, comparing the fully done-up siren on the cover with her cherry red lips and darkly outlined eyes against the freshly-scrubbed girl-next-door who emerged from the backstage area, "You’re not wearing that face right now."

"To be fair, shut your hole," Ivana shot back. "I just had the best show of my life."

"You’re welcome for that," Mel muttered under her breath as the car began to motor into the night.

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Getting the “Oh shit I’m gonna be unemployed soon, better figure out my future quick” blues today.


burningbrooklynbridges said: Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to ten of your favorite followers (non-negotiable)

Five? Aw man. Okay.

1) I’m insanely comfortable in my own skin. Whether or not I’m actually attractive (and some very trustworthy people have said I am) I don’t wish I looked any different from how I do.

2) I’m good at my job. It’s not a great job, and I won’t have it for very much longer, but my skillset and personality are perfectly suited to it. I don’t always do it the way the higher-ups want it done, but I trust my judgment more than theirs.

3) I can string a few sentences together, sometimes to form a coherent point. Sometimes to make funny. Not as often as I’d like though.

4) I have good taste, but I’m not obnoxious about it (I think.) Okay, there was that time this week when a co-worker asked me why I liked Jack White, and my response was to point out that they liked Coldplay and walk away, but he started it. In general I try not to pick fights about stupid things like taste, and am open to understanding why people like the things they do. It’s only when people don’t do me the same courtesy that I get testy.

5) I like to think I’m good company, although maybe some of the people I’ve been out with would disagree. I like to listen better than to talk about myself. I try not to tell people how they should feel or react to things, try not to dismiss their problems. And I’m more of a feminist than I was a year ago, and a lot more than I was before that.

I’ll send this out to some people, hopefully no duplicates, probably not ten though. Think I might drop the line about “non-negotiable.” Everything’s negotiable, I say!

you GOT something there, boy, don’t doubt yrself
chills. <3
luv u bby


I dunno if there’s anything special about my voice, but if I’ve got your approval, that’s basically all I need.